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Granting of Champion title

In this page you will find how to complete and order a Lithuania Junior Champion, Lithuania Champion, Lithuania Veteran Champion and other Champion titles.


Lithuania Junior Champion – LT JCH – could be awarded for dogs that have no less than three JW titles, given by at least two different judges or for dogs that have no less than two JW titles, given in International or club dog shows by two different judges.

You can start getting the first titles when your dog is 9 months old. and he starts competing in the junior class (9-18 months). In this class, you can get the title of Junior Winner (hereinafter – JW), after collecting three of them (or two, depending on the rank of exhibitions), your dog becomes the Lithuanian Junior Champion, which is confirmed by the Lithuanian Junior Champion certificate. To get it, you have to contact the club.

The following documents must be submitted for the order: the order form for the champion certificate, a copy of the dog’s pedigree (which must contain all signatures and the microchip (chip) code and the owner written on the other side), diplomas and copies of JW certificates from shows that your dog got them, the payment copy (prices and invoice for payment can be found here). Documents will not be sent to LKD production without payment! Please order the Lithuanian Junior Champion certificate with or without a rosette.

If you have the desire and decide to travel around the surrounding countries, then you should know that some countries have contracts with the LKD and having a Lithuanian Junior champion and receiving the JW of that country in another country, you can also become the Junior champion of that country.

Countries where one JW is enough for Lithuanian dog to recieve a Junior Champion: Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

If you are the Junior champions of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, then you can also order the Baltic Junior Champion (the same applies to the Baltic Champion and the Baltic Veteran Champion).

Baltic Junior ChampionBALT JCH – granted after approval of LT JCH, LV JCH, EST JCH titles.

Baltic Champion – BALT CH – granted after approval of LT CH, LV CH, EST CH titles.

Baltic Veteran Champion – BALT VCH – granted after approval of LT VCH, LV VCH, EST VCH titles.

Certificates of Latvian and Estonian champions are not ordered through the club, now it is done by the owner of the dog himself, while Baltic champions are ordered through the club by filling out the same form for ordering a champion certificate and attaching the champion certificates approved by all three countries and a copy of the payment.

When your dog becomes an adult, or otherwise moves to compete in safe classes, i.e. transitional, open or working classes, then you can start choosing LT CAC titles (candidate for Lithuanian champions) and after fulfilling the requirements, your dog can become Lithuanian champion.

Lithuania Champion – LT CH – could be awarded for dogs: 

  • having at least three LT CAC titles (one of them must be obtained at an international or breed club show), awarded by two different judges;
  • those who have at least two LT CAC titles (one of them must be obtained at an international or breed club show), awarded by two different judges, and a working diploma recognized by the FCI (suitable for applying for the International Beauty Champion title);
  • who have at least five LT CAC titles awarded by three different judges;
  • A dog’s pedigree must have at least two generations to qualify for the title. LT JCH title corresponds to one LT CAC title.
  • Countries that require one CAC for a dog to become champion of that country: Belarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Cyprus, Latvia, Poland, Moldova, Norway, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

The Lithuanian Club Champion – LT Cl.CH – is awarded to dogs that have become club winners twice or have become club winners once and have the LT CH title.

The Lithuanian Veteran Champion – LT VCH – can be awarded to dogs: having at least three titles VW, LT VW, Cl.VW, awarded by two different judges; those with LT CH title and one VW, LT VW, Kl.VW title.

Countries where it is necessary to get one VW in order for the dog to become veteran champion in that country as well: Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Turkey

LT JCH, LT CH, LT VCH and LT Cl.CH titles are granted to dogs living in Lithuania and registered in the Lithuanian dog breed book and to dogs living and registered abroad. After the LKD Secretariat receives a written request to grant the title, documents proving the fulfillment of the conditions for obtaining the title, and payment, a corresponding certificate (certificate) is issued.

When filling out the order, all the dog’s data are recorded legibly; all received titles, dates of receipt and places of exhibitions are listed. If confirmation of the LT CH title is requested when the dog already holds the LT JCH title, the date of obtaining the JCH title and the dates and places of obtaining all JW titles must be entered. When submitting the application, copies of exhibition certificates, diplomas and pedigree documents of the dog must be submitted together.

By participating in international exhibitions, you can get the CACIB title, which means that your dog becomes a candidate for International Beauty Champions.

The International Beauty Champion – Int.CH (CIB) – is awarded to dogs:

  • who are not required to have a working diploma according to the FCI requirements, having collected four CACIB titles in three different countries, awarded by at least three different judges;
  • who according to the FCI requirements must have a working diploma, have collected at least two CACIB titles in two different countries, awarded by different judges, and have a working diploma recognized by the FCI. The date of issue of the work diploma is not important;
  • A minimum of 366 days must elapse between the date of the first and last CACIB title award. The Int.CH title can only be awarded to dogs with a pedigree of at least three generations. The title of International Beauty Champion is confirmed by the FCI Secretariat, with the mediation of LKD.

Int. CH is ordered through the club, in the same order, only by filling out another order form (Int. CH form without work diploma or with work diploma).


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